A Turn South

A Turn South by Thadd Presley “She’s worse, Pa,” Maggie said, coming down from the attic, “she won’t even touch the biscuits and I put […]

Gigantic Planet

Gigantic Planet by Thadd Presley With walls built high to the sky, and seated on the mountain high the shielded city shined so bright. Only […]


In 2012 I became the bass player for the band Minor Nine. We never got famous, but we made an album in 2013 and had […]

Dear Michael

Dearest Michael, I hope this letter reaches you. I have so much to be thankful for and everyday is a blessing. But, honestly, I am […]


Transplant by Thadd Presley She has no patience. Neither does he, for that matter. They must except that Love is something on which they must […]

The Breakup

  “The Break Up” by Thadd Presley She called me from a pay phone downtown and told me it was over. She didn’t cry and […]

Easter, Bloody Easter

Easter, Bloody Easter by Thadd Presley “That’s exactly what she told me,” Anita said, handing the sheriff her ID. “I just don’t know what else […]