Deep Thought

“Don’t allow your deep thoughts to affect the happiness someone else gets from enjoying simple things.” Thadd Presley

Life’s Terms or Your Terms

ust the act of allowing yourself the possibility of having power and control over your thoughts changes the outcome so drastically and quickly that never again will there be doubts.

I Can’t Remember

I Can’t Remember by Thadd Presley Frantic urgency pushed his failing memory into action. Who was the young woman in the faded photograph? The pictures […]

What forms your Belief?

I was reading W.K. Clifford and it put me in mind of Plato’s Meno, in which Socrates distinguishes between Opinion and Knowledge. The man who […]

Changing Realities

Imagine how much our perception has changed in the last five years. Most of us have seen undeniable Mandela effects. We’ve faced the reality of […]

Age of Ages: part 1

Age of Ages Part 1 , by Thadd Presley John spoke slowly into the microphone, but his confidence soared. “We survived the Y2K bug and […]

Still Alive

My dad told my mother that it was not the right time in his life; that everything was happening too fast and he wanted to […]