Choices and Consequences

Choices and Consequences: we’ve made a few, so we’ve faced a few.

You get to make the decision, but you won’t get to choose the consequence.

You will personally choose the reason for the suffering, but not who suffers or how much. Bad choices will lead to you watching people you love suffering.

Whether it’s stealing, lying, or just being where you shouldn’t be, everything is a choice and there will be consequences. Bad choices are everywhere. You’re probably suffering from a few right now, but you knew full well there would suffering in the future and you made the bad choice anyway.

You know your making a deal. I’ll get this and then I’ll have to pay this, so… you bargain with yourself.

Is it worth it?

Who will know?

Sure, I’ll only pay if I get caught. Right?




You start paying immediately and so does everyone around you. Why? How?

Because of what and how it makes you think. It changes your thoughts and how you interact with the people in your life. And it changes them instantly. From that moment onward you are not the same.

Your bad choices bring suffering and pain to you and everyone. You know all the terrible and horrible consequences that are sure to come to pass, but for a brief moment, you convince yourself that it won’t matter. It won’t be so bad.

And in that blink of a second, you make a choice…you set into motion a mechanism that is completely out of control. The entire process begins at your command and continues until it decides to stop.

Is that how you want your life to play out?

Out of control?

Process after process running full blast and all of them started by you?

Here’s how to avoid an out of control life:

Don’t make bad choices.

Learn to tell people “no.”

Get away from the places offering bad choices.

Get away from the people making bad choices.


At some point, you must realize that your suffering doesn’t always come from a process you started.

So, look around and identify the people who are not trustworthy or helpful. Let them know you deserve to be around people who are brave, kind, resourceful, and cheerful.

It’s hard to do. But good choices always are. Especially at first.

Old people say: Time will out!! And they are 100% right.

If you give someone enough yesterdays, then you’ll know exactly what they’re going to do tomorrow.