Scout on Patrol

Scout on Patrol by thadd presley Sergeant Jaime Scout Willis adjusted the straps of her ALICE pack, the Kentucky native slowly suffocated in the humid […]

I Can’t Remember

I Can’t Remember by Thadd Presley Frantic urgency pushed his failing memory into action. Who was the young woman in the faded photograph? The pictures […]

Black Sleep

I will only tell this once and, in all honesty, would like to keep silent on this account completely; except for the children that might […]

Reverse Image

Delilah looked at her face reflecting in the bathroom mirror. She had just learned on Youtube that the image she saw reflecting back at her […]

Our Walk (fragment 3)

Our Walk: Fragment 3 by Thadd Presley I can’t help having this confidence, for it is my belief, although I have walked exactly the path […]

A Turn South

A Turn South by Thadd Presley “She’s worse, Pa,” Maggie said, coming down from the attic, “she won’t even touch the biscuits and I put […]

Dear Michael

Dearest Michael, I hope this letter reaches you. I have so much to be thankful for and everyday is a blessing. But, honestly, I am […]