Scout on Patrol

Scout on Patrol by thadd presley Sergeant Jaime Scout Willis adjusted the straps of her ALICE pack, the Kentucky native slowly suffocated in the humid […]

Zorick: Chapter 3

Zorick: The Galactic Fisherman by thadd presley   Chapter 3   The flickering bioluminescent glow of Europa’s icy surface cast an ethereal dance of light […]

Zorick: Chapter Two

Zorick, the Galactic Fisherman by thadd presley Petrova and Beta-3 The silence after emerging from the icy depths was almost deafening. Zorick, still buzzing from […]

Stewed Thoughts

  Today’s Special Stewed Thoughts, with Over-Ripe Opinions Home-Grown Philosophies While They Last!!   Sweat Drenched, Steaming. The long, hot Nights slowly melting into Tomorrows, […]

Haiku Twenty Twenty-Two

From Page Number One Haiku: Number: Two Zero Two Two Thaddeus Maximus __________________________________________ Whoa! And Wow Wee Wow We’re all Willing Witnesses To our Promises […]