Scout on Patrol

Scout on Patrol by thadd presley Sergeant Jaime Scout Willis adjusted the straps of her ALICE pack, the Kentucky native slowly suffocated in the humid […]

Stewed Thoughts

  Today’s Special Stewed Thoughts, with Over-Ripe Opinions Home-Grown Philosophies While They Last!!   Sweat Drenched, Steaming. The long, hot Nights slowly melting into Tomorrows, […]

Age of Ages: part 1

Age of Ages Part 1 , by Thadd Presley John spoke slowly into the microphone, but his confidence soared. “We survived the Y2K bug and […]

Still Alive

My dad told my mother that it was not the right time in his life; that everything was happening too fast and he wanted to […]

The Perfect Day

  Sometimes, someone has a bad day. No, that’s not right at all.  Everyone has bad days. But, we find numerous ways to deal with […]