Galaxy University (part 2)

Galaxy University (part 2)by Thadd Presley  We walked quickly through the over-capacity cafeteria. Her carrying a stolen tray and I hoping no one recognized me […]

Galaxy University

Galaxy University Campus 514 by Thadd Presley “You in a jam,” she asked teasingly. Then, she waited for me to respond. When I didn’t, she […]

Rubbish Day (part two)

There weren’t many Porsche in this condition. Ever since James Dean wrecked and killed himself in the same car, they were prize possessions and most […]

Rubbish Day

Rubbish Day: part 1 from the storming and suffering thoughts of: Thadd Presley  Jerald watched the quick little Honda in his rear view mirror as […]


  Dirt   by Thadd Presley Hubert jumped his Huffy and felt invincible. The dirt ramp ruled. Everything was perfect. The street bully was grounded […]

Train Ride

Train Ride by Thadd Presley   I met her on a train between Sussex and Hamby Abbey and immediately had a connection with her. Even […]